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Creating online success


So you have an existing website but it's not getting the results you want?

You know your stuff and love what you do. You have a solid understanding of what your clients need but your existing website is simply not converting. 

We can help you with a review of your existing website & offer our clients an easy to follow Actionable Plan that will give you an overview of the changes you can make to your website yourself (yes, a DIY solution!). 


Your existing website was set up aaages ago and you're not even sure it's relevant anymore

You’ve gotten this far in business by piecing the tech together, and it’s worked. Your business is expanding, and you’ve got a fabulous client base with a growing audience. 

But you know at this point, your pieced together website needs updating. A fresh new look to match your focus, target client base, and reflect the direction you are heading. We can renovate your website for you & take the hassle out of the tech headache.

Improve your business website

You could continue to run your business as you have been doing, making do with a lacklustre website...


But then you have to deal with the downsides..

  • The design doesn’t reflect the quality of your offering and turns away people who otherwise might hire you
  •  The content is a hassle to update, and takes valuable time you’d prefer to spend elsewhere
  • You don’t send people to your website because you feel embarrassed about how it isn’t the messaging or the look you want
  • Every time an aspect of the site breaks, you spend precious hours trying to fix it instead of the more impactful tasks that will actually grow your business

Or you could have a
website that
feels like home

Our custom website and brand design services include everything you need to show up looking extraordinary online, with the least amount of hassle and stress on your end.

Our clients say that we’re some of the first designers that actually get them and help them feel seen, heard and able to represent what they want in the world with ease.

Website designer specifically for natural therapist

Invest in brand and website design that will serve your business for years to come

Your online business assets will look like you – genuine, real, clean. No awkwardly photoshopped design for you! We have your back.  

As shown above, we can provide you with a one on one coaching call where we take an in-depth look at your website for a fee of $350 and provide you with an actionable list to make all of the changes yourself.


If you have an existing WordPress website (or others such as Wix, Go Daddy, SquareSpace etc) a renovation may be the best option for you. We start by conducting a website review and discuss how we will bring your website up to a new standard focussing on the looks, images, colours, branding, flow for visitors and most importantly – content! 

Website Review & Reno Guide

Website Review

  • Website Review & Assessment
  • Branding Review session 60 mins
  • Industry Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Plan of Action Meeting
  • Actionable Steps given on a DIY Plan for you to implement in your own time

Website Renovation

$380starting /page
  • Branding Review Session - 60 mins
  • Current Website Review & Assessment
  • Industry Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Plan of Action Report
  • Implementation of renovation
  • 60 minutes of final changes
  • Performance Report at 6 months
  • Cost may vary depending on complexity of renovation

New Website Build

$1,900/starting from
  • Branding Review Session - 60 mins
  • Current Website Review & Assessment
  • Industry Research
  • Competitor Research
  • New website built in 5-8 weeks
  • Implementation of branding review
  • 90 minutes of final changes
  • Performance Report at 3, 6 & 9 months
  • Hosting included for first 3 months

Have an online presence you can be proud of

You are your best investment

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Website care program for Natural Therapist websites

For complete peace of mind for your business online

Just like the lawn needs regularly mowing, websites need some love and care. Effective websites need regular backups, updates and security scans to function properly. Launching your site is just the beginning.

Websites specifically tailored for Service based businesses to attract your ideal client

Together, let us
help you grow!

Life Coach Website Designer

When connected with us, you aren’t growing your business alone. We have your back and put in our best to contribute to the growth of your entire team and organisation. So, if you are looking for the right digital agency that’ll help you build you a strong online presence & attract the right customer for your business – we are right here!

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