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Giving an old website a fresh, modern look

Just because your existing website is still working doesn’t mean you should ignore refreshing or redesigning it.

Taking on an a new website build because the current one is outdated reminds me of how fast this world moves when it comes to technology and all things websites! And being a photographer I can relate to the rapid rate of change (think film to digital cameras!). So when Amelia and Chris came to me to discuss updating their tired website I could see why. It wasn’t a bad website, it just wasn’t modern anymore nor was it suitable for tablets and mobile viewing (which has overtaken desktop computers for internet use).

They wanted to keep appealing to new customers (although they have a 6 month waiting list of work) what really played on their minds, is that should they wish to sell their business down the track they have invested in their website which is a valuable asset to a business (thus increasing their overall business value).
On a side note, this is important as SEO can take some time to “kick in” with Google, so the sooner you start working on the content and wording of your website the better.

So here’s what we did to take their old website and refreshed it with a brand new look and feel:

Website internet design Adelaide

So, onto the website build. As part of their package they had a photo shoot included which allowed me to capture their headshots and also as a couple who work together. I also captured part of Chris’ Landscaping team on the job along with images of their handy work. It was important that we had a wide range of images to demonstrate them in action. It also helps build rapport with the clients as they have already seen some photos of the team and feel familiar with them.

New Website Plan of Action:

1. Review existing website

As you can see from the image below, the old website was pretty outdated. It was simple but definitely in need of a refreshed look with updated images.

2. Assess clients website design goals

What was it that these guys wanted from their new website that their current one didn’t deliver?
– It needed to be fresh and modern
– New photos required (headshots + onsite action + end job images)Z
– Updated Keywords to match what potential customers are searching for
– Potential new logo
– Content cleaned up and laid out in a more orderly fashion
– An easy to navigate website for potential customers
– Easy to reach contact & call buttons
– Suitable for mobile & iPad devices
– New testimonials from recent customers
– Established on a wordpress base for the best SEO experience & traction

3. Logo Review

While the logo was okay, it was agree that it needed some refreshing, so we came up up with several options for them & they settled on the one shown. As part of our service we also provide an updated Brand Board for each client. We feel that this is important to have for the following reasons – you need to know your fonts for both your brand/logo plus for your website (there are literally millions out there!), website & print colours for future marketing material creation and for general records to go with the business marketing plan.

Website branding Adelaide design

4. Image Update

Right from the beginning Chris & Amelia noted how they needed updated images of themselves plus work in action shots of a job & the other staff. Chris was working on a property in Crafers at the time so we were able to take photos on location with the owners permission to use the images on their website.

Web page design

5. Page Requirements

The number of pages was consistent with the old website as the services they had been offering remained the same with the addition of one extra one. This also led to the updating of content and review of headers etc, leveraging our keyword research in Outdoor Services & Landscaping for Adelaide.

6. To blog or not to blog?

That was the big question. It would have been ideal for the team and Aridland to blog but at this stage they have enough on their to do lists to cope with adding blog content. There is definitely scope for a future blog should they wish to. The best thing about blogging is the ability to showcase your current work & with a business. However we decided to incorporate some sliders with before & after images on a couple of pages. You can have a play with them here in the retaining walls section.

Web page design Adelaide

In the end the result was a fresh and updated Landscape design website that ticked all the boxes for Chris & Amelia. Their new website continues to bring in regular enquiries and showcases their latest work, the team & a friendly vibe (they are seriously lovely people!). For a more detailed view of their website head to:

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