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The importance of personalised photos on your website

Why your customers want to see you!

Most people cringe at the mere thought of having one photo taken of them, let alone a whole Personal Brand Photo shoot done! Trust me, I’ve been a photographer for 19 years and in my experience I know how hard it can be.

Let me tell you a story. I had one client telling me (as we were about to start her photoshoot) that she was seriously considering faking gastro just so she didn’t have to do it! Even though she needed the photos for her brand new website! I love this story. Jayne, knew she was about to take her business to the next level, which meant overhauling her website and thus providing new images for potential clients to see what they were all about. She wasn’t going it alone, she had the support of her two team members but she still felt overwhelmed and completely uncomfortable!

So let me tell you some reasons why your customers want to see you and the importance of having photos of you on your website:

7 Great reasons to invest in a photoshoot

  1. It’s a chance to showcase your passion, personality and business (and what it entails). Plus how you want to come across for your branding.
  2. Personalised photos are an ideal way to engage your customers – they feel they know a little more about your business
  3. It builds trust with your customers as you are not hiding behind some random stock images, you are willing to put yourself out there
  4. It shows you care. You are personalising your website and it creates familiarity with your potential clients.
  5. You have the opportunity to showcase the many layers of your business and what you offer.
  6. Your unique personality can be shown and celebrated through your images
  7. People crave connection (it’s a basic human need) and by having you as your brand customers can connect on some level.

So there you have it. 7 great reasons why you need personalised photos on your website. Feel free to hop on over to my photography blog for 6 Props to Help you Feel Less Awkward in a Photoshoot

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