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Top 10 tips for a Successful Website

 Top 10 tips for a successful website_Black Cat

Here are my top 10 tips for a successful website…

  1. Domain Name – make your domain name an easy one for potential customers to
    a) remember and b) be able to type in or search for easily
  2. Ensure your website is Mobile responsive – with over 80% of website searches now occurring on mobile devices your website needs to be responsive and adapted to this!
  3. Professional – having a professional, updated, website with professional photos, content and layout is super important to build a great first impression. After all, you have less than 5 seconds to appeal to your customer!
  4. Helpful Content – is the information on your website helpful to your customer? What are they searching for when they look at your page? By understanding what your customer needs answers for before they even land on your website will help you design a website that speaks to your customer and they will spend more time on your site or even better buy from you because you have helped them!
  5. SEO focussed – which leads me onto my next point of having your website Search Engine Optimised. By knowing what your customer focusses on when searching for your service/ product etc you can use those key words to really attract Google (and your customer). I’ll be expanding more on this in a future blog post.
  6. Have your core purpose above the fold – firstly, what is it that you do? Have your top 3 core purpose areas listed at the top of your home page. Above the fold means to have your core purpose information in the top section of your screen so visitors can see exactly what they need to see and if your website is relevant to them. You can have less than 3 areas but I find it helpful to lsit your top three as many people have more than that! Niche niche niche!
  7. Call to action – this too needs to be placed above the fold and it should ideally be something that makes the visitor think “oh yes, I need to do something now!” What is yours? What makes you click on someones Call to Action button when you visit sites? Is it a freebie? Something helpful?
  8. Have proper Meta Tags and Meta Titles – these are easily configured in your set up of a wordpress website but are hugely important to have when establishing your website (and ongoing as well). They are essentially what the Google Bots crawl websites on and contribute to your google ranking!
  9. Up to date Content – is your content still relevant and updated? Do you have dates on your website where you have talked about 2019 as though it was yesterday but it’s now 4 years ago? Do you still offer the same services? Doing a mini review on your own website is important so it remain relevant and helpful. I bet there are many things on there you would definately change! Take 30 minutes out of your week to look it over and write down all the quick changes that need to happen (then book me in to make it happen!).
  10. Easy Navigation – the easier a site is to navigate the better experience your customer will have! Make it super easy and informative for them to get the answers they are looking for!

Well there you have it! My top 10 tips for a successful website! There are many many more ideas on making websites better but this is a starting point that can help you improve your ranking and give your customer a better experience. Good Luck!